FAQ Pay Per Head Agents & Bookies

Learn to make more money with pay per head services

15 05 14 - 09:51


Q: How can I make money from your services?


We offer ways for you to generate revenue with weekly pay. Are you familiar with pay per head and the potent


ial it offers for life changing income. I'm not going to blow smoke here and say it is easy money, "sit back and


collect". We can offer you discount rates for potential clients. We own our own software and servers. Taking this in to consideration, we are able to offer generous rates. In-turn, this leaves room for you to create your own offered price per head or your own sportsbook and still be competitive in the market. If you are already active with another service we can provide seamless migration. We will undercut any rates that you may be receiving currently. Lets break this down a little more. If we provide you a rate of six dollars per player you are able to sell the service in the range of eight dollars - ten dollars. With this model you are able to be your own boss and work as or when you wish. Offering complete freedom and again as I stated a life changing revenue stream. In further detail, if with-in a NFL season you are able to bring in one thousand active players at the rate of ten dollars per head this would secure a weekly pay to you of FOUR THOUSAND A WEEK. This is not a one time pay, this would be for the life time of your players. If you are willing to put in the work and effort to obtain these figures, you will not be alone! Our programers, graphics team, and marketing staff will be available and at your disposal as needed. If you would like to discuss stagy, marketing ploys or even the color of the sky, we are here to insure we all succeed. If you are a go getter and hungry for financial freedom we can move mountains.


Q: Your PPH rates are lower than other PPH shops, Does that mean the per head service and options are less?

Since we do all of our programming and line services in house , We are able to give above grade pay per head service at low rates. We pride our self in offering fully customizable line and juice options. We offer the best Sportsbook,Casino and Horses options of any pay per head outfit out there. The price that we offer in no way hinders the service that we provide , in fact we are a one stop shop for anyone looking for the best pay per head service.


Q: Why should I choose your pay per head service?

When your looking for a reliable pay per head service you need a company that is not only at a great price, but also flexible to your booking needs. At perhead.co we provide you the most options for customising your package from setting your lines .


Q: How can you help with the risk management of my day to day?

We offer the ability,to change the limits and lines by the agents themselves , we can put a delay on a specific line or game to find the best line, based on the management software you can see if a player is recreational, or sharp. Our pay per head service will have you managing your risk with extreme control, with us the ball is in your court.


Q: How fast do your lines move?

We have an automatic line mover system that monitor all Vegas lines and moves, these automatic lines are monitored by our expert staff. In short our lines move to the second to Vegas sportsbooks.


Q: Why should I switch my per head service from my current provider to you?

There are many reasons to switch to our pay per head service. True there are many Sportsbooks out there, all claiming to provide the best pay per head service. Since we own our own software and servers we are in complete control to offer the lowest pay per head rates in the industry, at the same time we offer fully customisable agent packages tailored to your specifications. Furthermore we offer casino , horse and action on any sport action under the sun. We are truly a one stop shop for you pay per head needs.


Q: How is your pay per head better than the other PPH services?

Our pay per head service has some of the most versatile and user friendly software options. The lines and juice options are customisable by the agent in seconds, anything that cannot be updated online will be quickly done by our expert staff. This coupled with some of the most competitive pricing in the industry , we are by far one of the best options out there.